Are Gaming and Esports Stagnating?

Photo by Guido Mieth via Getty Images

Earlier today, The Guardian published a piece about gaming’s market correction after a significant boom during the pandemic. I found the article particularly interesting—especially because we’ve been seeing a correction with gaming companies and how they’re investing, from layoffs to shutdowns.

Here’s a quote I found interesting:

People are playing less, and spending less, for a variety of reasons – from increases in the cost of living to gaming fatigue after many months spent mostly indoors. … Games are often considered to be recession-proof, but the industry is not impervious to macroeconomic turmoil. Some ebb and flow is natural, even if it spooks those investors who are hoping to make a quick buck out of a fad, whether that’s esports, virtual and augmented reality, free-to-play mobile games or the latest venture capital money pit, blockchain gaming.

So I wanted to open a discussion: Do you think gaming and esports are stagnating? And how do you think the market will change as we enter what experts believe will be an economic downturn?