The $16 million league is no more amid dysfunction between its member teams.
The Amazon-owned streaming service has battled for nearly a decade with problematic gambling content on its platform.
There are questions if the debt owed by teams will be collected or forgiven.
I don't want to say I told you so, but...
An Aug. 10 meeting left owners wary of the league's path to profitability.
A "Time/Out" banner for a Twitter account renamed “User Not Found," on the same day Twitch revokes his partnership? It's all just a little too perfect.
How Riot Games handles allegations of misconduct against the TSM CEO will set important precedent for the league moving forward.
Despite a public statement in late May, the attorney says he did not direct the investigation or impact its findings.
The L.A. County Court has already struck three of ZeRo's allegations of defamation.
The $405 million scholastic esports startup allegedly let fraudulent players participate in its tournaments.
The acquisition marks the consolidation of two former competitors.
The cost and oversaturation of content in gaming media is spelling bad news in terms of ROI.